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The Post Nebula Conference Write-Up

Posted by on 8:11 pm in SFWA | 2 comments

*dusts off the blog* *sneezes a bit* Is this thing on? Well, I guess instead of living the experience that was the SFWA Nebula Conference in my head or shouting it into the void, I wanted to write a quick post about all the awesomeness that went on. Full disclosure before we start, I am the current Director of Operations for SFWA so you could assume that I have a slightly different take on the event. I get to see this thing, nay, entity through from the inception, meeting with the talented team consisting of Steven H Silver and Terra LeMay...

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The Fourth Mile: Fat Girl Running Diary – Entry #2

Posted by on 8:38 pm in Running, Weightloss | 7 comments

This is gonna be challenging, but great! 1st mile mark This ain’t so bad! I’ve got this!  2nd mile mark What do you mean I have to do this for 11.1 more miles in November? *gasp*  3rd mile mark You can’t even get through a 5K without walking some of it. You are an idiot for signing up for the half marathon. What were you thinking? *gasp* 3.25 mile mark *DING* “You are at your half way point on your 6.5 mile run today. Great job!” Just call Disney and defer to next year. It’s better not to humiliate yourself...

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New Instrumental – Airset Alphabet

Posted by on 12:58 am in Media, music | 3 comments

Started this while watching Allie in Karate. Think I’ll use it for Clarkesworld intros/outros in the future, or perhaps shorten it and put some lyrics to it. Airset Alphabet Let me know what you...

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Fat Girl Running

Posted by on 4:13 am in Running | 15 comments

As most of you know, I’ve been on a long weight loss journey. There are some days I am fantastic and the diet and exercise fall into place without any difficulty. Other days aren’t so good, and it’s a struggle not to shove every edible thing in my mouth. I can’t seem to nail down the triggers but I know the end result. I keep losing and gaining and losing the same ten pounds over and over. The internal war continues every single day and there are just times that I’m worn out and tired of fighting. Logically, I...

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New Instrumental – “What it Should Have Been”

Posted by on 4:28 pm in music | 2 comments

As we approach the new year, I like to refresh some of the music I use at the beginning and end of the Clarkesworld podcasts. Was playing around with some editing tools recently and finished this one. Download My friend James said it reminded him of old-school video game mixed with house music. I think I agree with that...

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Because She Won’t Hate Me Enough Already When She’s A Teenager

Posted by on 6:06 pm in Life | 0 comments

I took this back in 2009, when she was 4. I’m sure this will just add to the hate when she turns into a teenager. Regardless, Happy Thanksgiving!   Hope you are all having a wonderful day filled with family, love, warmth and hugs.  

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Posted by on 11:54 pm in Writing | 2 comments The link above will take you to the flash fiction challenge that Chuck Wendig is running over at his blog. Compose 200 words, link it back and then pick another author’s story, write another 200 for their story and so forth for five weeks until a story is finished. Here is my contribution. ——- We are always meant to be pregnant; we daughters of Queens. We mothers of Queens. We are destined to hold a screaming infant upon our...

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From Me to Me at 281.7

Posted by on 10:20 pm in Life | 11 comments

From Me to Me at 281.7

About nine months ago on March 7th, I started a weight loss journey. I weighed 326lbs. My health was failing, I was far more depressed than I was happy. I could not sleep. I’d wake up with pain. I used food to cure everything, and instead it gave me more problems. Every day, I’d wake up and the war would start again. I’d tell myself that I could have a good day. That everything would be fine. That I could get through the day without going insane with food. I finally started to do something about it. I started a meal...

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The Last Candle

Posted by on 1:43 am in Life | 1 comment

Tonight, my family and I attended a vigil remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  I had spoken to my twelve year old daughter and sixteen year old son about the event as I was sure they’d hear about from friends in their own schools. I needed them to know that they were safe. Perhaps telling them so made me feel just a little bit better as I prepare to send them back to school tomorrow. Yet I couldn’t bear to tell my youngest. As we are all aware, we grieve not only for the adults lost but for the...

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It’s Only a Play

Posted by on 3:36 am in Life, Musings | 2 comments

I have always been a believer in fate. That sometimes, we need to hear or see or experience moments that put everything we’re dealing with into perspective. It might be the words from a dear friend at 3 AM in a strange city, who tells you that everything is going to be okay. Or ideas from a movie or song or story that help you work past a difficulty.  I believe we often find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Some of us see it. Some of us don’t. I know that on more than one occasion, I have muttered to myself that...

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